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PC sound solution

Color: Negro


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Mediadeck - black - Set

Porqué amamos este producto

The Mediadeck is nothing less than a full-featured soundbase for your computer. Simply place it beneath your monitor or use it as a docking station for your notebook.

Todas las ventajas de un vistazo

  • Compact 2.1 multimedia sound system with robust aluminium enclosure
  • Integrated soundcard plus headphone output free up notebook connections
  • Integrated subwoofer ensures powerful bass with minimal vibrations
  • Additional USB connection for charging mobile devices (1.5 amp)
  • LEDs behind the front grilles indicate volume levels
  • Headphone output conveniently located on the front
  • Total of 3 USB ports plus 3.5 mm AUX line-in
  • Smart automatic on / off function

A compact sound system for crowded desks

The Mediadeck is a compact soudbase for use with PCs, notebooks and even smaller televisions. Simply place the display on top, connect via USB cable and enjoy pristine, powerful sound. The all-in-one sonic pedestal won’t take up any additional space on your desk or table top -- making room integration a breeze.

Multimedia PC Mediadeck Teufel null

2-way stereo system for realistic sound

Each channel in the compact stereo system divides the signal for playback, sending it either to a tweeter or midrange driver. This ensures that each part of the frequency spectrum is expertly played back by drivers specializing in that range. In addition, the slight forward placement of the tweeters eliminates time delay for a very harmonious soundstage.

Integrated subwoofer

A dedicated woofer with 2 bass reflex ports ensure the requisite bass with all your games, movies and music. You’ll enjoy a full and rich sound without requiring a separate subwoofer.

Robust aluminium enclosure

The Mediadeck's audio components are surrounded and protected by a sturdy anodised aluminium enclosure. This material makes it possible for the Mediadeck to take the weight of your monitor or laptop without a problem. As an added benefit, the low-resonating material prevents the transmission of vibrations from the system to your desk or table top. It also helps dissipate heat.

Multimedia PC Mediadeck Teufel

Handy connections and controls

The solid look and sound of the Mediadeck even carries over to the central power and volume control dial. Easy to find, even while wearing a pair of VR glasses, the old school dial signals with a satisfying little click that the Mediadeck is on and ready for action. A cleverly designed row of LEDs behind the front grilles subtly indicates the volume level without blinding the user.

Multimedia PC Mediadeck Teufel

The easiest way to improve your sound

Like all soundbases and sounddecks, the Mediadeck is extremely easy to integrate into your home. Simply place it beneath your monitor, television or laptop, connect it and plug it in. The Mediadeck never gets in your way, requiring only the space already occupied by your screen.

Multimedia PC Mediadeck Teufel

Smart: Automatic on/off function

The practical automatic on/off feature ensures that the Mediadeck is always responsive to incoming signals. If your laptop, computer or television sends a signal, the Mediadeck will spring into action and play it back.

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Datos técnicos

  • Mediadeck - black - Set


    Powerful soundbase for PCs, Macs, laptops and smaller televisions. The full feature set includes integrated soundcard, USB drive and handy volume control.

    • Descripción Ítem
      Anchura 41,5 cm
      Altura 9,3 cm
      Profundidad 32,6 cm
      Peso 11 kg
    • Descripción Ítem
      Entradas Analógicas 2
      Entrada de conector hembra 3,5 mm 1
      Bluetooth si
      USB 2.0 si
      Entrada para micrófono 3,5mm 1
      Tarjeta de Sonido USB 2.1 si
      Conexión de la estación de carga si
    • Descripción Ítem
      DSP integrado si
      Tensión de funcionamiento 230 V
      Encendido/Apagado automático Si
      Corriente de entrada máxima 50 W
      Nivel de protección 2
      Almacenamiento de ajustes en caso de desconexión si
      Función de ahorro de energía si
      Consumo en modo de reposo 0,5 W
      Potencia de salida Canal de subwoofer "sinusoidal" 16 W
      Potencia máxima de salida Canal satélite 10 W
      Potencia máxima de salida Canal de subwoofer 30 W
      Etapa de potencia: Subwoofer 20 W
      Configuración del amplificador 2.1
      Tecnología de amplificación Class D
      Conexión de amplificación 3
      Potencia de salida "sinusoidal" Canal de satélite 6 W
      Etapa de potencia: Subwoofer 30 W
    • Descripción Ítem
      Ranura de ecualizacón (Posición) Parte posterior
      Ranuras de ecualización 2
      Material de la carcasa Aluminio
      Superficie de la carcasa Matte, anodised
      Blindaje electrostático si
      Soporte de pie integrado si
      Tweeters (número por altavoz) 2
      Tweeter (diámetro) 20 mm
      Driver de rango medio (número por altavoz) 2
      Driver de rango medio (diámetro) 76 mm
      Woofers (número por altavoz) 1
      Woofer (diámetro) 100 mm
      Principio de acústica Sistema de 2 vías

Tests y evaluaciones

Componentes incluidos

  • 1 × 1,8 m USB-Kabel AC 7018 CD
  • 1 × Soundkarten USB Anschlusskabel
  • 1 × Adaptador AC/DC – Negro
Mediadeck - Outline [SVG]