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Headphones Aureol Massive

Hi-fi to go: Closed headphones with outstanding bass

Color: Negro


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Porqué amamos este producto

The Aureol Masssive is perfect for bass addicts who crave a daily dose of deep tones that they can feel as well as hear. 

Todas las ventajas de un vistazo

  • Closed headphones perfect for hifi fans, musicians and DJs
  • Capable of achieving high volumes with any source device<br />
  • Perfect connectivity: come with two different cables/jacks
  • Folding ear cups are ideal for DJ mixing
  • Carry case included with delivery

Datos técnicos

Kopfhörer Aureol Massive

Headphones Aureol Massive

Teufel’s first headphones mean business. These are not a featherweight, fragile toy, but a solid working instrument for hi-fi fans, musicians and DJs.

The Aureol Massives ear cups and headband are generously padded for constantly comfortable use. Moreover, the ear cups swivel sideways, making them ideal for club use. These phones are also perfect for portable sound sources: they're completely collapsible and easy to take along in your pocket.

Moreover, the cable plugs into an audio jack on the ear cup, providing a robust, maintenance-friendly connection instead of a weak point. And the headphones come with two interchangeable cables: a 3.5 mm straight cord or a 6.3 mm spiral. Thanks to their high sensitivity, the Teufel headphones generate remarkable “force”, making them an excellent choice even on quiet headphone jacks, such as some MP3 players or mixers.

The timbre of the closed-type Aureol Massive is well-rounded and full-range: clear treble, smooth midrange and a bass that will make you forget you're wearing headphones. But that's Teufel for you.

  • Descripción Ítem
    Rango de frecuencia de/a 10 - 22000 Hz
    Respuesta de impulso (Ruido IEC de corta duración) 1 W
    Nivel máximo de presión sonora 98 dB/1m
    Impedancia nominal 32 Ohm
  • Descripción Ítem
    Peso 0,4 kg



Componentes incluidos

Headphones Aureol Massive
  • 1 × Tragetasche für Aureol Massive
  • 1 × Adapter f. Spiralkabel auf 6,3mm f. Aureol Massive
  • 1 × Spiralkabel (3,5 mm) für Aureol Massive
  • 1 × Cable de conexión (3,5 mm) para Aureol Massive