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Theater 6 Hybrid

Hidden depths

Color: Blanco

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T 6 5.2-Heimkino von Teufel Weiss

Porqué amamos este producto

Your guests will wonder where you've hidden the subwoofer. The T 6 Hybrid's elegant form gives no indication that both floor-standing speakers contain an integrated subwoofer. To top it off, an extremely high-performance, cleverly designed AGP group delay correction creates an impressive, well-balanced soundstage. This highly accurate and powerful speaker pair can be easily integrated into any living space thanks to its compact design.

Todas las ventajas de un vistazo

  • Floor-standing high-end speaker set with 2 integrated subwoofers
  • Excellent bass performance & dynamic potential for powerful playback
  • Two adjustable 250 mm woofers driven by 150 watt amplifiers for bass down to 38 Hz
  • Recessed tweeter for group delay correction = perfect dimensionality & differentiation
  • Works with all standard stereo amplifiers - can be expanded into a 5.2 set
  • The stereo version of the award-winning Theater 6 Hybrid home cinema set

Rockstar aesthetics with the power of a sportscar

The slim design of the floor-standing speakers offers an aesthetically pleasing installation. Visually, the set has a lot to offer: lacquered fronts, magnetic speaker covers, separate subwoofer chambers, a solid base and a slim design of the centre speaker despite the large mid-range driver.

Adjustable and adaptable

The Theater 6 Hybrid sounds exactly how you want it: from powerful to balanced. You control the subwoofer level at the rear of the speakers - a high-pass filter removes low frequencies if necessary to avoid buzzing noises even in rooms that are not acoustically optimised.

Twin subwoofers for deeper bass

The Theatre 6 Hybrid’s floor-standing speakers were designed with sealed enclosures for a more precise bass response. This design also allows placement near or directly up against walls. High excursion drivers in gigantic sound chambers enable an extremely deep low end. Fired by a 100-Watt amplifier and guided by DSP, these efficient speakers will produce a good result with any entry level A/V receiver.

The basic tuning of the subwoofer is linear between 38 Hz and 100 Hz, however, it can be adjusted continuously from -6 dB to +6 dB on a digital level to suit the type of installation and personal preferences.

Teufel Heimkino-Lautsprecher Theater 6 5.2-Heimkino 600
Heimkino-Lautsprecher Theater 6 5.2-Heimkino 600 Weiss
Theater 6 Hybrid - H 600 F - white - Detail Mid 2
Heimkino-Lautsprecher Theater 6 5.2-Heimkino 600 Weiss null

2 in 1 standing speakers with integrated subwoofer

Each floor-standing speaker houses a full-fledged active subwoofer with an integrated 150-Watt power amplifier. This ensures a cut-off frequency of 38 Hz (-3dB) and generates dynamic, perceptible bass with a high fun factor. The best part is that you don't even have to set up a subwoofer.
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Componentes incluidos

Theater 6 Hybrid
  • 1 × Hybrid-Lautsprecher H 600 F (Links) – Blanco
    • 1 × Cable de alimentación – Negro
  • 1 × Hybrid-Lautsprecher H 600 F (Rechts) – Blanco
    • 1 × Cable de alimentación – Negro

Datos técnicos

  • Theater 6 Hybrid - H 600 F - white - Front Angled left NoCover

    Hybrid Speaker H 600 F (Left)

    The Theater 6 Hybrid's standing speakers are designed with sealed enclosures for better bass response and more flexible positioning of the speakers (such as near a wall). High excursion drivers in a large cabinet produce a 38 Hz low end.

    • Descripción Ítem
      Anchura 18 cm
      Altura 114,9 cm
      Profundidad 37,1 cm
      Peso 28,5 kg
    • Descripción Ítem
      Entrada RCA/Cinch 1
      Entrada de alto nivel para altavoces 1
      Bornes de conexión screw terminal, gold-plated
      Potencia mínima recomendada del amplificador 30 W
    • Descripción Ítem
      Tensión de funcionamiento 230 V
      Encendido/Apagado automático Si
      Corriente de entrada máxima 180 W
      Cable de alimentación para aparatos de conexión en si
      Nivel de protección 2
      Función de ahorro de energía si
      Consumo en modo de reposo 0,4 W
      Control de nivel de entrada si
      Controlador de frecuencia (rango). 20 - 50 Hz
      Potencia de salida Canal de subwoofer "sinusoidal" 150 W
      Potencia máxima de salida Canal de subwoofer 160 W
      Configuración del amplificador 0.1
      Tecnología de amplificación Class D
      Conexión de amplificación 1
    • Descripción Ítem
      Frecuencia de corte inferior (-3 dB). 38 Hz
      Apropiado para receptor AV si
      Apto para clavija banana si
      Diámetro máximo del cable. 4 mm
      Tapa frontal desmontable si
      Material de la carcasa MDF
      Superficie de la carcasa Laminado/lacado
      Blindaje electrostático si
      Volumen interno neto 22,8 L
      Picos dispuestos si
      Soporte de pie integrado si
      Tweeters (número por altavoz) 1
      Tweeter (diámetro) 25 mm
      Tweeter (material) Tejido
      Driver de rango medio (material) Carbono
      Medio grave (número por altavoz) 2
      Medio grave (diámetro) 130 mm
      Madio grave (material) fibra de carbono
      Woofers (número por altavoz) 1
      Woofer (diámetro) 250 mm
      Woofer (Material) Fibra de vidrio
      Potencia continua en vatios (IEC - Larga duración) 110 W
      Sensibilidad (2,83 V / 1 m) 88 dB
      Rango de frecuencia de/a 38 - 22000 Hz
      Respuesta de impulso (Ruido IEC de corta duración) 140 W
      Nivel máximo de presión sonora 105 dB/1m
      Impedancia nominal 4 - 8 Ohm
      Frecuencia de corte al woofer (recomendada). 80 Hz
      Principio de acústica Sistema de 3 vías
      Diseño de la carcasa cerrada

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