LT 3

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LT 3

A super-slim surround sound supermodel

LT 4 "5.1-Set L"

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Heimkino null LT 4 Mk2 von Teufel L

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LT 3 - Set

Todas las ventajas de un vistazo

  • Super-slim aluminium column speakers
  • Fully suited for music playback
  • Homogeneous 5.1 sound thanks to identical speaker drivers
  • Powerful active subwoofer with remote control
  • Recommended for rooms up to 35 m²

LT 3 Serie

With the LT 3 loudspeaker set, Teufel is further refining the high art of column speaker design. Whereas the sibling sets LT 2 and LT 4 were the first slim aluminium column speakers to offer pristine hi-fi sound at an affordable price, this super-slim set excels at producing the same high-quality hi-fi with an even sleeker design. These speakers simply couldn’t be any thinner.

Technically, such an extreme design can only work because the signal load is distributed among a total of four compact high-performance drivers. Together with a crisp dome tweeter, the four identical drivers produce musical qualities that make conventional bulky hi-fi speakers sound as outdated as they look.

One of the innovations of this speaker design is that the two inner drivers are dedicated to the mid-range frequencies, whereas the two outer drivers cover the lower end of the frequency range. The advantage of this 2.5-way design is that there are no major clashes between the individual drivers’ frequency delays that could cause phase shifts and drop-outs by the time they reach the listener’s ear.

The same concept applies to the L 330 C centre speaker. As is to be expected from a Teufel loudspeaker set, this has an identical acoustic design to the four column speakers – same cabinet volume, same drivers, same driver layout. This is the only way to achieve the system’s overall aural homogeneity.

As a set, the components of the LT 3 converge to deliver a sound quality and volume level that you simply have to hear to believe. The LT 3’s super-slim looks are more than matched by its heavy-weight sound. ?

Tried, true, and now with extra bass

The set is equally suited to music or home cinema sound reproduction - one system is all you need. The four columns each contain large midbass drivers that allow them to do full justice to movie soundtracks.

Two of the four drivers in each column are dedicated to the midrange while the lowest drivers take care of the bass – a neat technological feature of this system. The advantage of this arrangement is a reduction in propagation time differences compared to standard loudspeaker constructions.

The LT 3 Power Edition has been harmoniously tuned for exceptional playback with all kinds of source material. The slightly curved front grille enables a very even dispersion for an enjoyable experience even outside of an ideal listening position.

The bottom end of this stylish titanium-black set is taken care of by an L 3300 SW subwoofer. With a large 250 mm driver, a powerful 200 watt amplifier and plenty of cabinet volume despite its compact exterior dimensions, this subwoofer produces full-sounding bass frequencies that will command any room up to 35 m² in size.

Componentes incluidos

  • 1× Subwoofer L 3300 SW
  • 1× Table Stand L 330 C

Datos técnicos

  • LT 3 - L 3300 SW vorne

    Subwoofer L 3300 SW

    The bowel-moving sub-bass region is taken care of by a compactly designed active subwoofer. Equipped with a down-firing 250 mm driver, a bass reflex system and a powerful 200 watt amplifier, the L 3300 SW provides a saturated and dynamic bass foundation. Four different crossover frequency settings are available to optimally match the subwoofer to the room and to the four satellite speakers. With the remote control, both the volume level and the crossover frequency can be set from anywhere in the room. The subwoofer comes with four mounting spikes that effectively decouple it from the floor.

    • Descripción Ítem
      Ancho 29,00 cm
      Peso 19,50 kg
      Altura (cm) 44
      Profundidad 50,70 cm
    • Descripción Ítem
      Entradas Analógicas Yes
      Entrada Cinch 2
      Entrada Cinch Stereo
      Bornes de conexión Binding-Posts
    • Descripción Ítem
      Control del nivel de entrada Yes
      Control de fase Analogue (phase inversion)
      Potencia de salida Canal de subwoofer "sinusoidal" 150
      Potencia máxima de salida del Canal subwoofer 300 vati
    • Descripción Ítem
      Mando a distancia
    • Descripción Ítem
      Diseño de la carcasa Bassreflex
      Blindaje electrostático
      Spikes preparados
      Woofers (número por altavoz) 1
      Woofer (diámetro) 250,00 mm
      Gama de frecuencias desde/hacia 30-200 Hz
    L 330 FR - Paar

    Pair Column Speaker L 330 FR

    • Descripción Ítem
      Ancho 10,30 cm
      Peso 5,50 kg
      Altura (cm) 112
      Profundidad 10,90 cm
    • Descripción Ítem
      Bornes de conexión Binding-Posts
      Potencia mínima recomendada del amplificador 50 Volt
    • Descripción Ítem
      Principio de acústica 2.5-way
      Diseño de la carcasa Closed
      Material de la carcasa Aluminium
      Superficie de la carcasa Aluminium
      Blindaje electrostático
      Soporte de pie integrado
      Tweeters (número por altavoz) 1
      Tweeter (diámetro) 25,00 mm
      Medio grave (número por altavoz) 4
      Medio grave (diámetro) 80,00 mm
      Capacidad de carga continua (IEC - Larga Duración) 100 Vatios
      Gama de frecuencias desde/hacia 120-20000 Hz
      Capacidad de carga del pulso (IEC - Corto plazo) 160 Vatios
      Impedancia nominal 4-8 Ohm
    • Descripción Ítem
      Posibilidad de alineación no
      Placa base - Diámetro 25,00 cm
      Material Glass